3 is an awesome crowd…

Been thinking heaps lately about how absolutely blessed we are to have these three super cool wee monkeys in our lives. Think my hubby thinks I am a bit crazy as I keep saying things like… “can you believe we made them?” and… “seriously we are completely responsible for them!” I’m not sure what has happened, maybe it’s the fact that Miss Matilda has mastered walking so when I look out the window there are three beautiful wee people outside playing together on the deck, they suddenly seem so independent and like a real ‘team’ of siblings. Unfortunately for us that ‘team’ also outnumber us, so when the boys decide to run around squealing and avoiding the bath while their sister is already in there, it is near impossible for the remaining adult to coax them into the bath without some serious bribery!

Willem is now 4 (and a very important) half! Completely and utterly ready to go to ‘Daddy’s School’, he has a keen interest in books, letters, sounds, numbers, countries, animals, building stuff, singing and talking. He loves his baby sister to the moon and back a million times over, he feeds her breakfast, invites her into his room to play and finds her beloved ‘taggy’ when she is sad.

Louis is now 2 (and a just as important) half! He is quite seriously 2 going on 52, he likes routine and especially likes negotiating to get what he wants. Louis loves boats, diving, gear, fishing, fishing gear and books about fishing and diving! Nothing fills him with more pleasure than playing with Daddy’s dive gear. He stills loves his afternoon siestas but I suspect this is because Daddy told him he has to sleep to grow… and he’s got a lot of growing to do to fill Daddy’s wetsuit!

Our baby no more Matilda is now 14 months old and she is a very busy young lady. Having just refined her walking skills she is on a constant mission to return the boys drink bottles, shoes and socks to them! Matilda can locate Louis’ special ‘taggy’ and ‘wol wol’ quicker than any of the rest of us. She loves to do whatever the boys are doing, especially bouncing on the trampoline with Willem or fishing with Louis in his inflatable boat.

3 kids means… a full back seat, a full washing line everyday, not having enough hands to hold every child’s at once, chaotic meal times, a constant rotation of making and tidying up snacks and what seems like a million pairs shoes to dig through to find a pair. It’s 3 times the tantrums, tears and bums to wipe!

3 kids also means… a full bed of snuggles in the morning, constant hilarious conversations, days that fly by in a whirlwind and always having a buddy to play with. It’s 3 times the high fives, smiles, cuddles, kisses goodnight and 3 times the LOVE!

If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be sitting at the dinner table looking at three grubby little faces with bright shining eyes I don’t think I would have believed you, but here we are… absolutely and totally BLESSED!



After a 6 year retirement from rugby Daddy donned the boots this winter for what he has promised me is a ‘one off chance to play with the lads just like the old days’ season of senior reserve rugby… although I have my suspicions that he may try for a repeat performance in 2017! Either way, the Saturday afternoon outing to watch Daddy play rugby has gone down a treat with our two wee men, interestingly though they have each had quite differing highlights and parts they have looked forward to each week!

For Master Louis (2 years old but going on 52!) the excitement for Saturday rugby begins on Thursday afternoon when he ‘helps’ Daddy get ready for rugby practice. He buzzes around the house collecting together all the necessary items (and probably a few other random things)… boots, socks, warm hat, hoodie and puts them in a bag. It is always best to let Louis help with these things, if you try and be organised and pre pack things earlier in the day he will almost always unpack them and distribute them around the house. Louis spends a lot of time ‘practising’  rugby at home, this generally involves wearing shorts, long socks pulled up and rugby boots while running round the house carrying a rugby ball, every so often he falls dramatically to the ground and declares “I got try!” or “I got ouchie!”Both of these statements fit quite accurately with Daddy’s return to rugby… lots of tries and also lots of ouchies! Finally the highlight of the week rolls round and Louis puts his boots on ready to watch Daddy’s rugby, I am not sure he knows which teams is Daddy’s let alone which player he is but he is proud all the same.

For Master Willem (just turned 4) the focus is more on the social aspect of the weekly outing. He knows exactly what team is Daddy’s and is always sure to check what number he is wearing and making sure he is on the field when we arrive at each game. Over the season his confidence has grown and he now trots away quite confidently to play with the other kids, but returns to base every 10 minutes or so just to check if the game has ended. The fact that rugby has so many stops and starts only serves to frustrate him as he waits to go to… “The pub!” He loves the pub but what he loves more is the possibility of a trip to “Old McDonalds” for tea after the pub!

Sunday morning rolls round and with it comes the chance to check out all Daddy’s ouchies and have a turn at walking on his back in an attempt to realign his spine in preparation for the next battle! The cash we have blown on physio, strapping tape, deep heat, voltaren, ibuprofen and McDonalds meals is nothing in comparison to the absolute joy and pride the boys and I have had in watching you take the field this season. The jury is still out on a repeat performance, maybe it might be time for Mummy to dust off the hockey stick again! 😉

Our “Gorgeous Boy”…

I can hardly decide what to call you Master Willem you have so many ways of describing and naming yourself and we have so many nicknames for you that you would be easily forgiven for having an identity crisis! Either way your are our first born and biggest boy (although I do fear your little brother will out grow you in the near future!), our trail blazer, the child who must set the standard for the rest to follow. And what a standard you have set already, not a week goes by that I don’t notice some wonderful new piece of learning that you have picked up in your travels. 

You LOVE to talk and I LOVE to have conversations with you, you say wonderful things like… “Mummy I have a great idea…” or “Look, I’m a cool cat with my sunglasses on!” and my absolute favourite saying… “Daddy you make me a milo… Mummy you stay in bed and sleep a little bit”.

I love those precious cuddles we share after your nap when you just need a little Mumma time as you fully wake up and adjust back into the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You are always warm and a tiny bit sweaty as you insist on having the duvet over you even on the hottest day (a funny wee habit that you inherited from me!), I hold you close and savour these moments as I know that all to soon you won’t need me anymore. 

You thrive on routine, you love to know where we are going next, what we will do on Sunday and most importantly whether you will be allowed to watch TV “just a little bit” before tea! You jump randomly from one play activity to the next, one moment you are organising your farm toys quietly and the next you are roaring off to the supermarket in your car to get peaches for breakfast. As much as you love you friends Dora and Boots on TV they still don’t compare to your book character friends Maisy, Hairy MacLary, Spot… You are a creature of habit and love to read the same books over and over and over again, it’s lucky you have such good taste in literature so nobody really minds all the rereading!

I love you baby elephant, more than you will ever know. Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you and you really can do anything in the world… anything.

x Mumma Elephant