It finally got us…

There is nothing like a good dose of winter ills to make you really appreciate how great life is when you are fit and healthy! For weeks I have been listening to Mums tell me about their families latest bout of illness, there’s been a bit of everything out there… chickenpox, colds, tummy bugs… and I have been busy touching wood and saying how incredibly healthy my kids have been this year.

Well, this week we got our turn… it all started at work on Thursday when my phone rang and the preschool number popped up on the screen, this always causes my blood pressure to rise ever so slightly! This time it was Miss Tilda with rather gunky red eyes. 24 hours later we were in the thick of it with two kids sporting gunky eyes and green snotty noses and Mumma struck down with a nasty head cold, dodgy voice, tickly cough and generally feeling 100% crap! The upside being that my day off work was completely warranted with three of us at home… the downside being that I felt completely and utterly washed out but still had two delightful monkeys to care for all day! To their credit the day wasn’t as bad as I first expected Louis and Matilda are developing a lovely relationship and they play and interact together so well when big brother isn’t in the mix. Louis loves to role play and Matilda goes along for the ride taking instructions from him quite happily, it was amazing to sit back and watch their interactions as they trotted round together cooking food, working on the farm and driving in the dirty white truck. Then came the time that I gave myself a pat on the back for working so hard on developing and maintaining quality sleep routines… at midday on the dot they both trotted off to bed for what turned into 2 hour naps, giving me my much longed for time and space to rest and try to recharge my batteries.

A couple of days down the track now and there seems to be light at the end of our winter illness tunnel, at least for the kids… I am writing this in the far too early hours of the morning after being kicked out of bed with my annoying tickly cough!


3 is an awesome crowd…

Been thinking heaps lately about how absolutely blessed we are to have these three super cool wee monkeys in our lives. Think my hubby thinks I am a bit crazy as I keep saying things like… “can you believe we made them?” and… “seriously we are completely responsible for them!” I’m not sure what has happened, maybe it’s the fact that Miss Matilda has mastered walking so when I look out the window there are three beautiful wee people outside playing together on the deck, they suddenly seem so independent and like a real ‘team’ of siblings. Unfortunately for us that ‘team’ also outnumber us, so when the boys decide to run around squealing and avoiding the bath while their sister is already in there, it is near impossible for the remaining adult to coax them into the bath without some serious bribery!

Willem is now 4 (and a very important) half! Completely and utterly ready to go to ‘Daddy’s School’, he has a keen interest in books, letters, sounds, numbers, countries, animals, building stuff, singing and talking. He loves his baby sister to the moon and back a million times over, he feeds her breakfast, invites her into his room to play and finds her beloved ‘taggy’ when she is sad.

Louis is now 2 (and a just as important) half! He is quite seriously 2 going on 52, he likes routine and especially likes negotiating to get what he wants. Louis loves boats, diving, gear, fishing, fishing gear and books about fishing and diving! Nothing fills him with more pleasure than playing with Daddy’s dive gear. He stills loves his afternoon siestas but I suspect this is because Daddy told him he has to sleep to grow… and he’s got a lot of growing to do to fill Daddy’s wetsuit!

Our baby no more Matilda is now 14 months old and she is a very busy young lady. Having just refined her walking skills she is on a constant mission to return the boys drink bottles, shoes and socks to them! Matilda can locate Louis’ special ‘taggy’ and ‘wol wol’ quicker than any of the rest of us. She loves to do whatever the boys are doing, especially bouncing on the trampoline with Willem or fishing with Louis in his inflatable boat.

3 kids means… a full back seat, a full washing line everyday, not having enough hands to hold every child’s at once, chaotic meal times, a constant rotation of making and tidying up snacks and what seems like a million pairs shoes to dig through to find a pair. It’s 3 times the tantrums, tears and bums to wipe!

3 kids also means… a full bed of snuggles in the morning, constant hilarious conversations, days that fly by in a whirlwind and always having a buddy to play with. It’s 3 times the high fives, smiles, cuddles, kisses goodnight and 3 times the LOVE!

If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be sitting at the dinner table looking at three grubby little faces with bright shining eyes I don’t think I would have believed you, but here we are… absolutely and totally BLESSED!

“Tilda Poppet”

Well Miss Matilda I think we have finally got over the surprise of having a baby girl! In our heads we always felt that we were destined to have a third crazy, busy, squealing, wrestling little boy. So you can imagine the surprise when you were held up for Daddy to see, he actually took a minute to realise that you were a wee girl! You are so much like your brothers were but right from the beginning there has been something distinctly ‘little girl’ about you. 

So far you are the perfect third baby, sleeping and feeding like a dream. Don’t worry little princess we know that you really don’t have much choice in the matter, no sooner have you settled into a peaceful sleep than we are slipping you gently into the car seat to do a preschool run, a library outing, get to a swimming lesson or just pop out for a hot afternoon trip to the beach. We have to remind ourselves every now and then that you are only 10 weeks old, our life has settled back into the norm so quickly after your birth and you just get dragged along for the ride!

After observing your big brothers grow, change and develop their very distinct and different personalities we wait with anticipation to see what you will be like… will you have Willem’s long eyelashes and sensitivity, Louis’ fine textured hair and hard case sense of humour or your Daddy’s blue eyes and amazing patience. As your biggest brother would say “We’ll just have to wait and see”. What we do know is that you are one very loved little girl who already has her brothers and Daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger.