After a 6 year retirement from rugby Daddy donned the boots this winter for what he has promised me is a ‘one off chance to play with the lads just like the old days’ season of senior reserve rugby… although I have my suspicions that he may try for a repeat performance in 2017! Either way, the Saturday afternoon outing to watch Daddy play rugby has gone down a treat with our two wee men, interestingly though they have each had quite differing highlights and parts they have looked forward to each week!

For Master Louis (2 years old but going on 52!) the excitement for Saturday rugby begins on Thursday afternoon when he ‘helps’ Daddy get ready for rugby practice. He buzzes around the house collecting together all the necessary items (and probably a few other random things)… boots, socks, warm hat, hoodie and puts them in a bag. It is always best to let Louis help with these things, if you try and be organised and pre pack things earlier in the day he will almost always unpack them and distribute them around the house. Louis spends a lot of time ‘practising’  rugby at home, this generally involves wearing shorts, long socks pulled up and rugby boots while running round the house carrying a rugby ball, every so often he falls dramatically to the ground and declares “I got try!” or “I got ouchie!”Both of these statements fit quite accurately with Daddy’s return to rugby… lots of tries and also lots of ouchies! Finally the highlight of the week rolls round and Louis puts his boots on ready to watch Daddy’s rugby, I am not sure he knows which teams is Daddy’s let alone which player he is but he is proud all the same.

For Master Willem (just turned 4) the focus is more on the social aspect of the weekly outing. He knows exactly what team is Daddy’s and is always sure to check what number he is wearing and making sure he is on the field when we arrive at each game. Over the season his confidence has grown and he now trots away quite confidently to play with the other kids, but returns to base every 10 minutes or so just to check if the game has ended. The fact that rugby has so many stops and starts only serves to frustrate him as he waits to go to… “The pub!” He loves the pub but what he loves more is the possibility of a trip to “Old McDonalds” for tea after the pub!

Sunday morning rolls round and with it comes the chance to check out all Daddy’s ouchies and have a turn at walking on his back in an attempt to realign his spine in preparation for the next battle! The cash we have blown on physio, strapping tape, deep heat, voltaren, ibuprofen and McDonalds meals is nothing in comparison to the absolute joy and pride the boys and I have had in watching you take the field this season. The jury is still out on a repeat performance, maybe it might be time for Mummy to dust off the hockey stick again! 😉


My Marathon Mad Man…

Sometimes I look at you in all your sweaty, smelly, fluro yellow running gear and I wonder if we have anything at all in common!  I mean you run… Not because a wild boar is chasing you, but because you love it, you crave it and you go just a tiny bit crazy without it! I run because  there is a sudden down pour threatening my carefully pegged washing or because I fear that Willem will suffocate Louis in his well meaning big brother cuddle!

What I do know we have in common is our unmeasurable love for our two amazing boys and our desire for them to be the best they can be. Both of their often grubby wee faces light up when you get home from work each day, this is testament to the relationship that you have with each of them and the attention and love you shower them with. You are an amazing role model to them and if they can be even half the man you are I will be proud.

You are our goal setter, motivator, provider and above all our much loved Daddy. You have already shaped my life in so many ways, you have challenged me and taken me places I could never have imagined going. I know this is only the beginning and there are so many more adventures to come… bring it on!

Love you to the moon and back babe x