Our “Gorgeous Boy”…

I can hardly decide what to call you Master Willem you have so many ways of describing and naming yourself and we have so many nicknames for you that you would be easily forgiven for having an identity crisis! Either way your are our first born and biggest boy (although I do fear your little brother will out grow you in the near future!), our trail blazer, the child who must set the standard for the rest to follow. And what a standard you have set already, not a week goes by that I don’t notice some wonderful new piece of learning that you have picked up in your travels. 

You LOVE to talk and I LOVE to have conversations with you, you say wonderful things like… “Mummy I have a great idea…” or “Look, I’m a cool cat with my sunglasses on!” and my absolute favourite saying… “Daddy you make me a milo… Mummy you stay in bed and sleep a little bit”.

I love those precious cuddles we share after your nap when you just need a little Mumma time as you fully wake up and adjust back into the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You are always warm and a tiny bit sweaty as you insist on having the duvet over you even on the hottest day (a funny wee habit that you inherited from me!), I hold you close and savour these moments as I know that all to soon you won’t need me anymore. 

You thrive on routine, you love to know where we are going next, what we will do on Sunday and most importantly whether you will be allowed to watch TV “just a little bit” before tea! You jump randomly from one play activity to the next, one moment you are organising your farm toys quietly and the next you are roaring off to the supermarket in your car to get peaches for breakfast. As much as you love you friends Dora and Boots on TV they still don’t compare to your book character friends Maisy, Hairy MacLary, Spot… You are a creature of habit and love to read the same books over and over and over again, it’s lucky you have such good taste in literature so nobody really minds all the rereading!

I love you baby elephant, more than you will ever know. Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you and you really can do anything in the world… anything.

x Mumma Elephant


My Marathon Mad Man…

Sometimes I look at you in all your sweaty, smelly, fluro yellow running gear and I wonder if we have anything at all in common!  I mean you run… Not because a wild boar is chasing you, but because you love it, you crave it and you go just a tiny bit crazy without it! I run because  there is a sudden down pour threatening my carefully pegged washing or because I fear that Willem will suffocate Louis in his well meaning big brother cuddle!

What I do know we have in common is our unmeasurable love for our two amazing boys and our desire for them to be the best they can be. Both of their often grubby wee faces light up when you get home from work each day, this is testament to the relationship that you have with each of them and the attention and love you shower them with. You are an amazing role model to them and if they can be even half the man you are I will be proud.

You are our goal setter, motivator, provider and above all our much loved Daddy. You have already shaped my life in so many ways, you have challenged me and taken me places I could never have imagined going. I know this is only the beginning and there are so many more adventures to come… bring it on!

Love you to the moon and back babe x