Laughs love & life… Those three little words pretty much sum up our life, although most days it feels more like toddler tantrums and tears! In fact that is probably what it sounds like to our neighbours,  just for the record the tears are not reserved just for the toddlers many of them belong to me!

Who are we? We are a pretty run-of-the-mill family… Dad: a primary school principal by day and a keen runner and pro toddler wrestler after hours. Mum: primary school teacher by trade and currently in my 4th year as a cooking, cleaning, bum wiping extraordinaire. We are blessed to have 3 beautiful babes: Willem who is 4 (and 11 12ths), Louis who is 3 (going on 33) and Matilda who is 18 months old (ages at June 2017). Yip, our kids are close in age! Life is pretty hectic and I do sometimes wonder how we ever get out the door but we do, eventually!

This blog is Mummy’s little bit of ‘me’ time, a place to share the fun, crazy, frustrating and rewarding experiences of being Mum and wife to four very different personalities.


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