Come out, come out…

… wherever you are…!! Absolutely hanging out to see some sun as I am currently drowning in a sea of laundry! Pre children I was such a laid back type of laundry person, a load every couple of days seemed to be sufficient, chuck it on the line for a day or two and as far as I remember (with my extremely fried baby brain) it all seemed to work out just fine! But dear god have things changed in the last 4 and a half years… I have turned into some kind of crazy Mrs Wishy-Washy and nothing sends my anxiety into overdrive than piles of laundry in various states around the house…. dirty, wet, dry, unfolded, folded…! So three days with absolutely no sun is a complete nightmare!

We can thank the original owner of our home for the extremely poor placement of the clothesline, yes it is private and out of view but during the winter only one lucky 30cm section actually sees the sun. Finally after two winters living here I resigned to the fact that using the clothesline is an absolute waste of time for about 5 months of the year. I have instead developed a complex rotation system using my indoor clothes racks. Our neighbours must love it when I squeeze the full racks out the front door and put them on full display in the driveway to make the most of the morning sun, before bringing them round the back in the afternoon! Thanks to the cloudy, grey weather of the last few days I now have no idea which clothes on the racks are wet or dry and I honestly don’t know where to start to rectify the problem! From where I am standing the only way to move forward seems to be… sun, sun, sun… and a little breeze too!

There is also a second small issue that is contributing to the oversupply of washing; that being Louis’ obsession with constantly changing outfits. He loves to role play so he pops in and out of the kitchen announcing that he is off to rugby practice or going out diving for crayfish, each of these activities require at the least a change of socks, but all too often it becomes a whole change of clothes too. I seriously can’t keep track of which clothes are clean or dirty and I kick myself for not checking through the basket before heaving it all into the machine as I hang out 3 pairs of shorts and 4 pairs of socks all belonging to one child. According to my mother he inherited this wonderful trait from non other than Mrs Wishy Washy herself… I am so so sorry Mum, for the winter laundry pain I put you through!



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