“Crazy busy, yet strangely bored…”

I read this description of being a stay at home parent somewhere recently, I can’t for the life of me recall where I read it but it resonated with me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since laying my eyes on it. “Crazy busy, yet strangely bored…” puts into words perfectly how I have been feeling on and off for the last 4 years.

Even now as I look around my eyes settle on an endless number of tasks that need to be done… there is washing to finish folding and put away, preschool profile books to read and  write in, a stack of photos lie waiting to be put in albums, the floor (as always) needs a good vacuum and the kids toilet needs a clean (a constant task in a house with two male toilet using toddlers!) But it hardly seems worth starting a task now with only half an hour until preschool pick up and the possibility of the baby waking up at any moment. Being a stay at home parent is BUSY, every day and week there are a multitude of tasks… preschool drop off and pick ups, washing, cleaning, dog walking, doctors and Plunket appointments, swimming lessons, grocery shopping and the constant making, serving and tidying up of meals. Now is probably a good time to give some well deserved credit to my amazing husband, or maybe the credit should go to my mother in law for raising a son who does more than his share of household chores. He is an absolute god send and without his input I would be drowning in a sea of unfolded washing!

So with this endless list of commitments how could a stay at home parent ever be bored? I love my kids to bits and this love grows and grows every day, week and month but as a stay at home Mum I miss and crave the stimulation and diversity that a day at work brings, not to mention the interaction with other adults! I honestly believe that I was at my happiest and most motivated last year when I was doing 4 mornings of part time work. As I reflect now the logistics of getting showered, dressed, made up, lunches made, bags packed, washing hung out  and dropping 2 kids at preschool by 9.15am all while being pregnant seems like an absolute nightmare, but it was all worth it for how much more refreshed and patient I felt with the kids in the afternoons following a morning at work. While I have committed this year to being at home and breastfeeding my beautiful wee girl till her first birthday my brain is already ticking away planning my escape from the confines of these 4 walls in 2017!


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