Wouldn’t change a thing…

I couldn’t put it off any longer, tonight I put my third and final baby into her big girl sleep sack for the first time. To be honest my beautiful Buddha babe had been wriggling out of her swaddle for the last few weeks but it was all about me I didn’t want to come to the end of the ‘newborn’ stage. A stage of our lives that seemed to take forever to kick off is now over, just like that.

Just over 7 years ago I married my best friend; a man who has the ability to inspire me and challenge me all while making me feel appreciated, loved, safe and secure. He has the most amazing ability to bring calm to any situation and his eternal positivity is so refreshing. For many years we had lived our lives by his theories of “everything happens for a reason” and “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”. These theories came into play in a major way during our 3 year journey from deciding to start a family to the birth of our first wee man.

Our journey to parenthood was not nearly as long and difficult as many couples but it was still testing and at times heartbreaking. We went through years of ‘trying’ only to be disappointed month after month, we both had many tests only to be told that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with either of us. Finally after making the decision to fund our own IVF treatment we were pregnant and had 10 little embryos on ice. The road to completing our family came much easier as I managed to fall pregnant naturally with babies two and three just after the first birthdays of babies one and two and while still breastfeeding! Amazingly once my body had done it once it well and truely knew what to do! While this journey to parent hood was long and sometimes painful we have come to the realisation now that we really wouldn’t change a thing. 

In those years of ‘trying’ we grew so much as a couple and spent some wonderful times together, a couple of overseas holidays, fab dinners with our childless friends, (with many many bottles of wine consumed!), my husband gained and nailed his first leadership role, we enjoyed the bonus of having two incomes and managed to live a fun lifestyle while still knocking a good chunk off our mortgage. When we held that first little bundle in our arms we really were ‘ready’ to be parents. By about week three of being parents we decided that if we had fallen pregnant the first month we were trying we would have been far too young!

Everything really does happen for a reason, we were meant to enjoy each others company as newly weds and be financially stable before having kids and it really was meant to be, 3 times over it would seem! My baby girl is still squeezing quite nicely into her bassinet, so I don’t have to give up that little piece of babydom just yet!


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