“Tilda Poppet”

Well Miss Matilda I think we have finally got over the surprise of having a baby girl! In our heads we always felt that we were destined to have a third crazy, busy, squealing, wrestling little boy. So you can imagine the surprise when you were held up for Daddy to see, he actually took a minute to realise that you were a wee girl! You are so much like your brothers were but right from the beginning there has been something distinctly ‘little girl’ about you. 

So far you are the perfect third baby, sleeping and feeding like a dream. Don’t worry little princess we know that you really don’t have much choice in the matter, no sooner have you settled into a peaceful sleep than we are slipping you gently into the car seat to do a preschool run, a library outing, get to a swimming lesson or just pop out for a hot afternoon trip to the beach. We have to remind ourselves every now and then that you are only 10 weeks old, our life has settled back into the norm so quickly after your birth and you just get dragged along for the ride!

After observing your big brothers grow, change and develop their very distinct and different personalities we wait with anticipation to see what you will be like… will you have Willem’s long eyelashes and sensitivity, Louis’ fine textured hair and hard case sense of humour or your Daddy’s blue eyes and amazing patience. As your biggest brother would say “We’ll just have to wait and see”. What we do know is that you are one very loved little girl who already has her brothers and Daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger.



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