It has only taken 11 months but your big brother has finally managed to call you by your name… we have gone from Bubba to You-ie and now finally you are Louis! You are the ultimate Mummy’s boy Louis, you cling to my legs and stretch your arms up in an effort to get me to pick you up. When I finally give in and pop you on my hip you snuggle into my shoulder and pop your thumb in your mouth for a little comfort suck.

You are a determined wee man, this was plainly obvious when only minutes after you were born you wriggled your way down my chest in an effort to find your first feed.  Your amazing climbing ability is also testament to your determination, I am sure your brother never climbed till he could walk but you stretch up your chunky wee thigh as high as you can and wriggle yourself up onto the ottoman. Once up, you sit up on your knees and raise your arms up high “proud as punch” that you are “the king of the castle”! Your saving grace is that you have learnt to safely dismount relatively quickly and with very few accidents!

It must have been all the Thursday morning outings to Mainly Music when you were still a bump that created your love for music, singing and dancing. I love that you actually enjoy my (terrible) singing, you sit up in your highchair and swing your legs and smile when I burst into song randomly in the kitchen! Louis you have fully mastered the ‘standing up and bobbing on the spot’ dance move and we all love to see the look of pure delight on your face as you perform for your captive audience.

Your other love at the moment is books with lift up flaps, it doesn’t matter how often we revisit our much loved Rod Campbell collection your wee face still lights up as you lift each flap, but none more than when we get to the cow and you attempt the “moooo” sound, it sounds more like a “bwwwwww”! Far too cute for Mum Mum to correct! You are trying so so hard to make new sounds and attempt saying new words and I have a feeling you are going to be even more of a chatterbox than your big brother!

You are our gorgeous, thumb sucking cuddly little boy Louis and Dad Dad, Wilbur and I love you to the moon and back.

x Mum Mum


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