My Marathon Mad Man…

Sometimes I look at you in all your sweaty, smelly, fluro yellow running gear and I wonder if we have anything at all in common!  I mean you run… Not because a wild boar is chasing you, but because you love it, you crave it and you go just a tiny bit crazy without it! I run because  there is a sudden down pour threatening my carefully pegged washing or because I fear that Willem will suffocate Louis in his well meaning big brother cuddle!

What I do know we have in common is our unmeasurable love for our two amazing boys and our desire for them to be the best they can be. Both of their often grubby wee faces light up when you get home from work each day, this is testament to the relationship that you have with each of them and the attention and love you shower them with. You are an amazing role model to them and if they can be even half the man you are I will be proud.

You are our goal setter, motivator, provider and above all our much loved Daddy. You have already shaped my life in so many ways, you have challenged me and taken me places I could never have imagined going. I know this is only the beginning and there are so many more adventures to come… bring it on!

Love you to the moon and back babe x


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